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Founded by an Air Force veteran...

...who built Cybersecurity Programs at

the Pentagon


US Space Command

Army Space and Missile Defense Command

and Fortune 500s

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Meet Your Next vCISO

Dallas Brooks is an Air Force veteran and former adjunct professor of Cybersecurity with over 25 years of industry experience. He holds a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction and a CISSP certification. Prior to starting Sentinel CISO in Colorado, Dallas built Cybersecurity programs for the Pentagon, NORAD, Space Command, the US Space Force, the Air Force, the US Army's Space and Missile Defense Command, Lockheed Martin, ManTech International, Walmart, and many others. 

He served at the Pentagon's Information Warfare flight where he was 403-0 against cyber attacks, and he has helped to guide cybersecurity strategy at the highest levels, providing guidance and support to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense, among others. He helped to stand up the first ever Joint Cyber Center at US Space Command where he developed innovative risk assessment tools for space assets.

At Sentinel CISO, Dallas provides honest up-front, flat-fee pricing, and he only accepts a small number of select clients in order to provide concierge level Cybersecurity guidance. Scroll down to see the current price list. If payment buttons are available on this site, then there is still at least one slot remaining in that category.  

Typical CISO Services

Cybersecurity Strategy Planning
Risk Assessments
Regulatory Compliance
Security Architecture and Design
Incident Response and Crisis Management
3rd Party Risk Management
Security Incident Monitoring
Security Awareness Training Programs
Security Governance and Policies
Board and Executive Reporting

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